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Consulting & Expertise
in Computer Vision

With M-Covision, make your Computer Vision applications

a reality

We develop the most complex and ambitious

Machine-Deep Learning R&D Vision projects

Let us Think, Develop and Deploy your Computer Vision Applications 

MCovision is a Data Science consulting company specialized in Computer Vision applications. Our high expertise with processing images and videos, using cutting-edge Machine and Deep Learning technologies, allows us to build end-to-end solutions for our customers.

Academic Excellence

Our Data Scientists own a strong academic research background in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence making them able to review, analyse and propose solutions in line with the current State of the Art.



Our Machine Learning Engineers have experience with solving and industrializing real-world challenges. Clean coding, packaging, and Cloud computing make easy the deployment of your application.

Algorithm Design

Based on a strategic roadmap designed and validated by our experts, we implement for your project, customized Machine and Deep Learning algorithms. Models are trained, evaluated on pre-processed and cleaned datasets.

Customer Experience

During the realization of your project, our team maintains constant communication and transparency to let you understand and be part of each step of the development.

Passion, Expertise and Ethics

Building Sustainable AI

MCovision was born from passion for science. Not only theoretical science but above all applied science capable of changing positively and ethically our world. The science of images is definitely a great opportunity to apply the deepest mathematical and physical theories to solve our modern challenges by giving to artificial machines the sense of vision. 

Beyond passion, we daily work at Mcovision to make qualitative and accurate Data Science, that should be understandable for our customers.  We make our customers our partners and support them to build sustainable solutions.   

We Work for Various Industries

mcovision computer vision

Medical, Pharma

mcovision computer vision

Biology, Cosmetics

mcovision computer vision


mcovision computer vision

Games, Augmented Reality

Are you Ready to Bring Vision to Your Business ?

From prototyping to industrialization, we drive your Computer Vision projects and bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to accelerate and grow your business. Please feel free to contact our team and start building your projects.

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