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Think, Develop and Deploy your Computer Vision applications 

Our Expertises

Ensure Academic Excellence to Your Project

Our Data Scientists own a strong academic background in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence making them able to review, analyse and propose solutions in line with the current State of the Art.

Design Powerful Algorithms and Reach Your Expected Performances

Based on a strategic roadmap designed and validated by our experts, we implement for your project, customized Machine and Deep Learning algorithms. Models are trained, evaluated on pre-processed and cleaned datasets.

Industrialize your Algorithms and Solve Real-World Challenges

Our Machine Learning Engineers have experience with solving and industrializing real-world challenges. Clean coding, packaging, and Cloud computing make easy the deployment of your application.

Follow Your Project Evolution 

During the realization of your project, our team maintains constant communication and transparency to let you understand and be part of each step of the development.

We Integrate Our Expertise to Your Environment

From big companies to startups, our experts are used to working in any type of environment. At MCovision, we develop and deliver AI solutions to our customers with high agility and flexibility to best meet their needs. 

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